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Martha Dixon’s 350 Mile Bike Ride

This endurance event, in honor of Special Agent Martha Dixon, is slated for    October 4th thru October 8th, 2021.  Please mark your calendars and consider joining us for this tribute ride for charity.

To register for for this event, go to:

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Special Agent Martha Martinez was shot and killed after a gunman entered the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters at 300 Indiana Avenue, NW.

As he entered, Sergeant Henry Joseph Daly, of the Metropolitan Police Department, confronted him to ask if he needed anything. The suspect then pulled out an automatic weapon and shot Sergeant Daly at point-blank range, killing him instantly. He then opened fire on the three FBI agents in the room, as they returned fire. Special Agent Martinez and Special Agent Michael John Miller were killed inside of the room and the third agent was shot and seriously wounded. Agent Martinez was able to shoot the suspect but did not kill him.

After being wounded, the suspect shot and killed himself.

The suspect had previously been a suspect in a triple homicide. After being questioned several times by Detectives, he was cleared, but members of the suspects gang labeled him a snitch. In order to redeem himself in the eyes of his fellow gang members, he decided to kill a police officer. A further investigation revealed that the suspect entered the “Cold Case Squad” office by mistake and was looking for the “Homicide Squad” office.

After an extensive investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the gun that was used by the suspect was traced back to a man in Kentucky who was illegally selling guns to convicted criminals. That man was eventually sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.

Special Agent Martinez had served with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for seven years.

ABOUT the Organization created in the memory of MARTHA DIXON

THE MARTHA FUND is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to preserving the memory of slain FBI Special Agent Martha Dixon by hosting family-oriented public events and funding the construction and renovation of playgrounds in the Pittsburgh area.

Martha received her undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1982 and worked as a forensic chemist for the Arkansas State Crime Lab. She joined the FBI in 1987 and, while assigned to the Knoxville Field Office, became a technically trained agent and the first female SWAT team member for that field office. Martha was assigned to the Washington (DC) Field Office in 1992 and worked drug cases, violent crimes, and cold cases. Martha looked forward to returning to forensics and was a founding member of WFO’s Evidence Response Team, which was renamed the Dixon-Martinez Evidence Response Team in her honor.

Her family and friends channeled their grief into efforts to continue Martha’s two passions, running and children. The Martha Fund was formed in 1995 to raise funding for playground projects in her hometown. The Martha Fund’s main fundraising effort is Martha’s Run, a challenging 10K run and 2K run and walk through the rolling hills of Mt. Lebanon. Since the first fundraiser in 1995, The Martha Fund has gifted many smaller grants to assist playground projects, and in 2007, the signature project, Martha’s Playground, was unveiled in Mt. Lebanon Park. The Fund continues to support playground projects in the Pittsburgh area and is poised for another Martha’s Playground in the future.  To find out more about the organization, please visit the below link.

FBI Special Agent Martha Dixon was an athlete her whole life.  Her family has used athletic events as an appropriate way to remember her. The first annual Martha’s Ride was last year and exceeded everyone’s expectations, in spite of the weather induced obstacles.

ABOUT the Ride

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In 2018, a small eclectic group of 9 athletes join together and embarked on a 333 mile off-road bicycle journey from The FBI’s Washington DC Field Office (WFO) to the FBI’s Pittsburgh Field Office named the Martha Dixon Building.  The group of riders were supported by 12 close family and friends that supported the riders with food, water, Gatorade and encouragement.

A challenging bicycle adventure to commemorate the life and accomplishments of Martha Dixon.  Martha’s Ride is a long distance bicycle ride beginning at the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall, in Washington DC, Panel 26E Line 19, where Martha’s name was engraved in 1995.  The Ride follows a well known and challenging trail to the Memorial Monument at the Martha Dixon FBI Building in Pittsburgh, where Martha’s name was engraved in 2001.

The 2018 Martha’s Ride arrived in Pittsburgh within one hour of the planned arrival time, after approximately five 70 mile  for a total of 333 miles. The people encountered along the trails were incredibly receptive to Martha’s story, and supportive of the idea of honoring her through our ride. It was an opportunity to retell the story of a true American hero and keep her memory alive.

trail map

This ride utilizes the trails along side of the rivers and canals formerly used by railroads.  The two paths, the C &O Canal Trail and the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) Trail links Washington DC to Pittsburgh.  To learn more about the trail, follow the below link for a description of the C & O Trail, mile by mile:

The second ‘half’ of the journey follows the Great Allegheny Passage Trail.   Follow the below link to find out more about that trail and printable maps of each trail:

This is not a ride to do if you do not prepare for it. Riders are asked to ride 70 off road miles each day in sometimes hilly terrain.  This ride is both rewarding and challenging and it will raise awareness for the Non-profit, as well as raise awareness for a fallen police officer who gave the ultimate sacrifice for her colleagues, citizens and her country.

elevation chart

Riders may ride one or more days, or all days. Come join us on day one, or day three, or the last day into Pittsburgh. Whatever your schedule, your availability, your riding ability, you may join us when it is right for you.

You can sign up online  you must fill out the waiver, identify each day riding, and submit donation of $100 for each day riding, as well as order a cycling jersey to be identified on the trail. If you thinking of joining us for one day, join us on the last day of the ride.  We will have POLICE motorcycle escorts as we ride into PITTSBURGH into the FBI Field Office.   More details will be forthcoming as the ride approaches. Stay tuned to

Itinerary for 2021:

Day One:   Day one begins on October 5th at 8 AM at the National Law Enforcement Memorial, 450 F Street NW, Washington DC, Panel 26E where Martha’s name is enshrined.

After a brief ceremony, recognizing Martha’s service and sacrifice, riders will disembark by motor vehicle to the starting point, which will be removed from the center of DC and onto a manageable entry point to the C&O Towpath approximately 5 miles from the Law Enforcement Memorial. Unless a Police escort is available, we will take motor vehicles to the entry point.

Washington DC to Harpers Ferry (approximately 60 miles).  Lodging Options for Day 1:

Harper’s Ferry

Clarion Inn

4328 William L. Wilson Freeway, Harpers Ferry
check availability / prices / reservations


Econolodge Harper’s Ferry

US 340 & Union St, Harpers Ferry


Harpers Ferry KOA

343 Campground Road, Harpers Ferry


Lily Garden Bed And Breakfast

701 Washington St, Harpers Ferry
check availability / prices / reservations


Teahorse B&B / Hostel

1312 Washington St, Harpers Ferry


HI Harpers Ferry Hostel

19123 Sandy Hook Road, Knoxville


The Town’s Inn

179 High Street, Harpers Ferry


Day Two:  Harpers Ferry to Hancock (approximately 65 miles).  Lodging options for Day 2:

1828 Trail Inn Bed & Breakfast

10 West Main Street, Hancock


C&O Bicycle & Bunkhouse

9 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Hancock


Hancock Motel

2 Blue Hill Road, Hancock


Riverrun B&B

7 South Taney Street, Hancock


Super 8 Motel of Hancock

118 Limestone Road, Hancock
check availability / prices / reservations


Day Three:  Hancock to  Cumberland Maryland where the path changes from the C&O Towpath to the Great Allegheny Passage (join us in Cumberland if you want to avoid the C&O Towpath) (approximately 60 miles). Day Three brings riders to the Eastern Continental Divide west of Cumberland, MD.  Lodging options for Day 3:

Eastern Continental Divide Day 3

9 Decatur Guest House & Hostel

9 Decatur, Cumberland


Best Western Braddock Motor Inn

1268 National Hwy, Lavale


Cumberland Inn & Spa

120 Greene St, Cumberland


Fairfield Inn & Suites

21 North Wineow Street, Cumberland

check availability / prices / reservations


Hampton Inn Cumberland

109 Welton Drive, Cumberland

check availability / prices / reservations


Ramada Inn Cumberland

100 S. George Street, Cumberland

check availability / prices / reservations


Sleep Inn & Suites Cumberland

13320 Ali Ghan Rd NE, Cumberland

check availability / prices / reservations


The Bruce House Inn

201 Fayette St, Cumberland


The Inn On Decatur

108 Decatur Street, Cumberland


Day Four:  Cumberland, PA to Ohiopyle, PA.  (approximately 72 miles).  Lodging options for Day 4: 

The Inn at Lenora in Perryopolis is a fine B&B and comes recommended.

Laurel Highlands River Tours & Guest House

4 Sherman St, Ohiopyle


Ohiopyle Guest Houses

137 Grant Street, Ohiopyle


Ohiopyle Vacation Rentals

3054 National Pike, Farmington


Trillium Lodge

PO Box 2, Ohiopyle


Day Five:  Ohiopyle to  Pittsburgh arriving at the Martha Dixon FBI Building with a police escort (approximately 65 miles) to complete the ride

To register for for this event, go to:

There is another great interactive map of both the C&O Towpath and Great Allegheny Passage, with the amenities and services along the trails.  Click on the link below for much more information.


Other Resources and Useful information:  

Meet at Washington DC at the National Memorial at 7 AM for a ceremony and preparation for departure. Departure 8 AM for C&O Towpath. MPD Escort if arranged, go by motor vehicle if not.  For time and safety reasons we will not be cycling across the streets of DC.

Each participant will find their own way to DC. Riders must make arrangements for their support and trailers for the bicycles, to protect them from the elements as well as bags, gear and food and water.  Riders are advised to take all necessary precautions and make all preparations for an individually challenging ride. Without a support system, the ride is slower and much more challenging. It is unlikely a rider will arrive in Pittsburgh in time if not supported by a support vehicle.

We will proceed along the C&O Towpath at approximately 20-25 mile intervals for breaks. Individual truck support is suggested to meet at certain locations where the road crosses or comes near the path so riders can re-hydrate and get nutrition as needed.

The schedule is based on the assumption we will be moving 10-12 mph for approximately 6-8 hours, however, depending on trail conditions, especially on the C&O, the trail conditions may require longer days on day one and two, and part of day three.

Riders will make their own hotel/motel arrangements at the towns in question, and reserve rooms for themselves as close as possible to finishing location. The goal is to meet each day at the finishing point from the previous day, and start each day together.

Each person is responsible for bringing their own hydration and snacks, and we will be passing through various towns along the trail where one may be able to buy lunches and other meals or snacks and get water/drinks, ice, snacks whatever.


There will be an expectation that each person will be responsible for themselves, but will be participating in the event jointly for the same purpose. We have a budding organizational foundation. We expect to further learn a great deal about the Ride, the trail and especially the mission, to honor Martha Dixon and her life, her service and her sacrifice.

Your Bike

The trail is approximately 330 miles long, winding through some rough conditions potentially harsh weather, potentially soft trail conditions (on the C&O), and limited amenities between towns. The good thing is there are several towns that cater to cyclists and food, repairs and lodging are available along the way, including campsites if you choose.

Each of us will have to be responsible for our own bike because we have no mechanical support.  So bring two inner tubes just in case. Bring any tools or spare parts that you think you may need. Bring chain oil and such. We may have to clean the trail dust off our bikes and gears at the end of each day, with garden hoses, etc. Again, there is no person you can give your bike to, who is there to take care of it, unless you are in a town with a bike shop or you bring your own repair crew. If your bike breaks down, you will need to ride in your vehicle until we get to the next town with a bike shop.


Each group of riders should have some  kind of bike trailer or van to  accommodate the group’s gear, change of clothes, food, hydration…  We have a handful of people who have already volunteered to ride in support and 1 trailer with a limited amount of space.  If anyone knows who may have a trailer for this ride, we will reach out to them and coordinate the resources.  Please contact us via this website.  You have the option of riding solo (without group affiliation), but we suggest that you have a shadow vehicle to help you carry your gear and food for you.

What to bring

Some suggested items to have on your ride:

Personal Items for the ride

  • Bike
  • Bike shoes
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Butt Butter/Monkey Butt
  • Cycling jersey
  • bike shorts

Post-ride clothing

  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • T-shirts (for tailgating at hotels and for going out to dinner/bar)
  • Sweatshirt Socks
  • Undergarments
  • Sneakers
  • Flip flops/sandals
  • Tshirt and jeans
  • polos
  • Khakis
  • See Post-ride clothing list


  • Cell phone and charger
  • GoPro/camera
  • Badge with neck holder and mourning band
  • Bike lock (for nights if necessary; I am told the lodging will secure bikes)
  • Backpack?
  • Wallet (Police ID and DL)
  • Medication (advil, icy hot/biofreeze, allergy meds)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Laundry detergent
  • Lawn chairs
  • Band-Aids

Team Items

Trailer depending on size and what’s available.

  • Bungie cords
  • Ropes
  • Blankets/towels (lay between bikes en route home)
  • Bug spray
  • Coolers
  • Grills with fuel
  • Spatula
  • Knife
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Utensils
  • Tailgating games
  • Napkins/paper towels
  • Speaker

Food depending on trailer and space.

  • Water
  • Gatorade
  • Uncrustables
  • Fruit
    • Bananas
    • Oranges
  • Granola/Cliff bars
  • Burgers
  • Chicken
  • Corn
  • Veggies
  • Condiments
  • Bread
  • Adult beverages
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