PR Racing

Timing and Organizing races for three decades


About 3 decades ago, PR Racing was formed.  After running and racing in college, and on the post collegiate scene, the founders were looking for a new challenge after being involved with all sports, specifically running and racing triathlons.  Born was the Lake Lenape Triathlon, one of the grass roots  triathlons in the South Jersey area at its inception, it remains to be a popular choice of triathlons for the experienced, and even more popular for those beginner triathletes that are just entering the sport.

Over the decades, PR Racing has partnered with many different charitable organizations to help them produce different types of races for their organization.  We have been involved with the “Don’t Dally Duathlon”, The Greate Pumpkin Duathlon, The Greate Bay Triathlon, The Brigantine Triathlon, Spin4TheCure 5k, AC High School 5k, et als.

We continue to strive for producing highly organized races designed for seasoned and beginner triathlete.  If you choose to do one of our races, we hope that you have a great experience.  Until then, race safely and “Keep on Trainin'”.


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