PR Racing

Timing and Organizing races for three decades


Three triathlon athletes. Icons for triathlon and other spot events

PR Racing was incorporated in 1991.  Organizing races is our part-time passion while having full-time professions.  Our goal, as it still is today, is to produce a quality race event, for local athletes to compete in, as well as raising money for local charities.  Our intention is not to follow the classic corporate model of marketing and producing large events at over inflated prices.  This is a business based in Atlantic County that is connected to that local community.

Keeping the race management about the athletes is important to us.  We take pride in providing a quality race management for athletes from all walks of life, and ages, to consistently enjoy.

We have partnered with many different community organizations over the years to bring you many annual races in both the multisport discipline, and other single sports such as running races of varying distances.  This partnership continues to connect us to the fabric of the Atlantic County community.

In every instance, we invite hundreds of athletes into an area that has decided to host our event.  We ask you to remember that we are guests in these residential neighborhoods and leave the area free of garbage and litter.  Many of the volunteers are residents and part of the communities in which we swim, bike and run, so make sure you thank a volunteer as you pass them on the course.  Thanking them will help ensure that feel appreciated, and will help them commit to volunteering for other races, thereby making the experience for all of the athletes safer, year after year.

All races that have been produced are part of  ‘grass roots’ of the history of the sport.  You won’t see much commercialization with any of these races.  Athletes come to put in a solid workout, compete against their rivals, and possibly set a PR for themselves.  Exactly how the forefathers of the sport started.  Its about the workout!

All of the races are designed and assume that the athlete is a novice.  We over exaggerate the directional course markings so that there is no confusion on which way to go.  The athletes should be focused on racing and not have to worry about making a wrong turn.  This concept includes utilizing as many swim buoys we have available to make’ sighting’ in swim easier and lessen the anxiety associated with no being able to see the next buoy.

We hope you enjoy the races this year and, as always, will listen to constructive criticism or other suggestions to improve the race.  We hope that you remain healthy all year, and are ready on race day.  Good luck this season.

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